Internachi Certified Home Inspector Chad Gibson
Internachi Certified Professional Inspector

Chad Gibson

Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®

Chad Gibson is the owner and inspector of Integrity Home Inspections. Buying a home can be an up and down process, and with so much riding on an investment of this magnitude, feeling the least bit unsure can cause a prospective buyer to second guess every decision. Chad is here to provide much-needed support by delivering an honest and dependable home inspection that will provide the knowledge needed so you can proceed with full confidence. Chad inspects homes to the industry’s highest standards, and his own strict set of personal values—and you can trust him to be there for you from the time you make an appointment until the day you make a final buying decision.


Means Everything to Us

For many years, Chad worked in manufacturing, specializing as a quality engineer and later moving into management. A detail-oriented mentality was an absolute must for carrying out his responsibilities without error, and when Chad later worked in home repair and renovation, it was immediately apparent that the same mentality was pivotal in the construction industry. Chad loved working on homes, and once he developed his skills working with contractors of various specializations, Chad started to think about how he could use his knowledge to benefit others. Chad ultimately made the decision to train and become licensed as a home inspector, and he hasn’t looked back—performing his duties with the utmost integrity every single day in order to help his clients secure the homes of their dreams.

Internachi Certified Home Inspector Chad Gibson
Indiana Home Inspections

A Home Inspector Dedicated to Helping You

Succeed In Every Way Possible

  • Having the option of scheduling weekend appointments is a breath of fresh air for our clients, making it so that you don’t have to scramble and reschedule your other appointments in order to make time for a home inspection
  • On the day of your property inspection, we’d love for you to join us on-site for a comprehensive walkthrough of the home that will help you better understand what you’re looking at in terms of the home’s overall condition
  • As a home inspector who believes in doing right by others in every facet of life, you can count on Chad to never leave you confused or unsatisfied with your knowledge of the home—if you ever have any questions after the inspection, Chad is just a phone call away!

When he’s not inspecting homes, Chad often volunteers his time coaching and umpiring youth sports—something he’s enjoyed doing for over 25 years. Mentoring our youth is so critically important, and Chad truly loves helping them face and overcome challenges on the way to becoming successful adults.

Proudly Serving Midwest Indiana

We’re able to provide comprehensive home inspections to much of Midwest Indiana, including Lafayette, West Lafayette, Crawfordsville, Frankfort, and Lebanon. Outside of these areas, we’re happy to serve clients elsewhere in Carroll, Tippecanoe, Benton, Clinton, Montgomery, Fountain, Warren, and White counties.

Integrity Home Inspections

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